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Air Conditioning

Over time, the air conditioning system in your car needs to be serviced and recharged to continue to work to its optimum level. It should also be used all year round round to keep you and your passengers comfortable whilst also filtering out dust, pollen and minimizing condensation levels to help you enjoy your journey. Whilst continuous use can help your cars air conditioning work more efficiently, it needs regular maintenance the same as any other component on your car. Maintaining your cars Air Conditioning system is essential, not only for the personal comfort of the driver and passengers but for your health too. Air Conditioning units, especially in older Cars are subject to spreading bacteria as this builds up in the vents.

Use It All Year Round

Many motorists do not use their Air Conditioning during the winter months, unfortunately this can cause the internal seals to dry out and result in leaks. We encourage our customers to use their Air Conditioning throughout the year for demisting their windows; most Air Conditioning systems will work even when the heater's on, and come the summer the Air Conditioning unit has not suffered the common fault of seals drying out.

Price Idea

Price : £59.99

When you bring your vehicle to us for an air conditioning re-charge, you can be sure our service will be far superior than that offered by the fast fit centres. Our technicians are trained and certified in the use of refrigerant, essential for a top quality service. The recharge process is quite simple and involves removing old refrigerant and lubricant from your air-con system before replacing this with the correct amount of new refrigerant and lubricant as per your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation.

Price : £44.99

Most Auto Air Conditioning machines automaticaly carry out a leak test during the process but if the leak is very small it may not detect it. Leak detection is one of the greatest challenges in vehicle air-conditioning servicing. Tracing a leak using conventional leak detection methods is often time consuming, difficult and unreliable. Our Loktrace tracer gas leak detection system, puts an end to this once and for all.

Price : POA

Air Conditioning pipes can deteriorate and get holes or splits in them. This is mainly due to vibration, causing pipes to rub against something eventually wearing a hole in them. Many of these repairs are often carried out without removing the existing pipe work, saving our customers hundreds of pounds in parts and labour charges.

Price : £84.99

During an Air Conditioning service we'll drain and recharge the system, check hoses, filters, belts and connections, and make sure the compressor and condenser are working correctly. This will also help maintain the mechanical integrity of the system. Our technicians will also give your air conditioning system an anti-bacterial and odour treatment, that eliminates microbial, fungal and bacterial contamination.

Please note that if your system needs anything repairing, such as leaks and failed components, these are not included in the cost of a service and you'll need to have these fixed separately.