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Computer Diagnostics

This is an area that most garages shy away from, due to the amount of investment and training needed to gain a good understanding of how electronic systems work. We at AutoCare Centre see this as a priority to invest in training and diagnostics equipment so that we are able to fully diagnose and rectify the faults of the modern motor vehicle. With over 30 years in the business we have noticed that the biggest change has been the vast increased use of electronics in today’s vehicles. A large percentage of our business is now in vehicle electronics rather than mechanical problems. This means that you’ll get better service and a faster, less costly repair than if you take your car to a general workshop. Our Technicians are highly trained, continually expanding their knowledge to keep up with the latest models on the road. We have a comprehensive range of specialist equipment catering for all makes and models.

Electrical Problems

Shorts are a type of fault that can occur if the current traveling through an electrical circuit does not pass through the component powered by the circuit, but finds another path to ground. This can happen if a wire rubs against a sharp edge and shorts to ground, or the insulation on adjacent wires rubs through or is damaged allowing current in one wire to jump to an adjacent wire.